Jason mantzoukas connie britton dating

Mantzoukas also co-hosts the popular movie discussion podcast How Did This Get Made?

Gloria (Connie Britton) explains to her husband Brian (Jason Mantzoukas) the new changes in diet and lifestyle he will need to make to ensure a healthy sperm count.

(She was also in “Friday Night Lights,” which I’ve heard is awesome but haven’t seen.) She’s a great actress, and I enjoy the fact that she’s a little older and that she hasn’t messed with her face from what we can see. I have long reddish blonde hair too, and I’ve been curling mine more after seeing how great Britton’s hair looks on that show.

But Kyle Chandler still seems a lot like Eric Taylor, the strict but beloved Dylan Panthers football coach he played for five years on .

But the actress, 44, has just been cast in her most rewarding role yet: Mom.

She’s adopted a 9-month-old baby boy from Ethiopia, Britton tells PEOPLE exclusively.

After a three-year-long adoption process, the actress’s dream of motherhood came true about a week ago, after she returned from the African country with her son Yoby – a nickname for Eyob, his given name.

"I keep thinking about how I could do it, how I could pull it off." To be clear, "I'm just talking about how I get laid while I have a baby," Britton laughed.

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