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As a person involved with academia (as a grad student) I am rather curious about people's attitudes toward this question: Should college professors be prohibited from sleeping with (or becoming romantically involved with) their undergraduate or graduate students.

Do you feel that it is okay under some circumstance (i.e.

This gives your interlocutor the chance to say, “How interesting!

Tell us more about that.” To which you respond in another short, punchy burst.

A full teaching assistantship usually requires 20 hours per week to be devoted to teaching and to the related activities of class preparation, grading, and consulting with students.

In general, teaching obligations are confined to the 12 weeks of the academic terms, excluding summer.

Students may demonstrate competence by passing the English proficiency screening during orientation, enrolling in and passing ESL 101, or subsequently scoring at least 50 on the standardized NTS (National Testing Service) SPEAK test before admission to candidacy.

In interview situations, learn to talk about your dissertation in short, punchy bursts, no more than a sentence or two long.What sorts of restrictions do universities place on romantic or sexual relationships between faculty and graduate students, and what are the underlying issues that motivate these restrictions?For example, suppose the student has previously taken a class from the professor but has no plans for further academic contact.What other factors could help determine whether a relationship would be allowed or considered appropriate?To answer the question, in most countries, there is no law against consensual relationship (at least between adults), so yes, it is allowed.

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So not only is it wrong for a professor to sleep with a current student of his/hers, but if there's a chance the student will in the future be in a subordinate relationship again, the policy should still be hands-off.

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