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It's been more than a few months ever since the moon almost crushed on Earth and Hanabi was kidnapped.During that time, Naruto fought a living demi-god on the moon for her, declared his love to her and they shared their first kiss. She was dating the hero who saved the shinobi world…Here are some clues that hint that they may be falling for eachother: In Episode 1: Hanabi tells Mugi not to fall in love with her. And she tells him “Me Either” (you’re not my type either).This just seems to be setting a stage for them to fall in love by the end.However, outsiders don't know of the secret they share.Both Mugi and Hanabi have hopeless crushes on someone else, and they are only dating each other to soothe their loneliness.

While Hanabi is dating Mugi for the emotional benefits, she knows that he does not love her, making Sanae’s offer of being together even just for one night very tempting.

However, Hanabi soon realizes that making Sanae feel hope for their relationship has had severe consequences.

By making Sanae believe that she has a chance, Hanabi is unable to escape from her advances.

In Episode 2, Mugi encourages Hanabi to go make friends and gently strokes her hair. If I’ve lost the key to my treasure box, I’ll embrace my brightest emotions, Hiding their faintly colored remains behind my sighs. “I feel those words will destroy what we have right now so I can’t say them.” This could refer to either Mugi or Oniichan.

Hanabi thinks this is strange and comments that it’s almost like he’s her boyfriend. With Oniichan and Hanabi they’ve been such good friends for so long that she’s afraid of ruining their friendship.

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Hinata Hyuga smiled widely as she put on her normal casual dress, and started combing her hair.

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