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You will be invited to house parties, sleepovers, community events, movie screenings, late night drives; and discover more BFF’s than Paris Hilton in a few weeks!

Well-meaning lezzie couples will try and fix you with friends, and you will get more than your dose of dating advice and phone numbers.

If you notice anything unusual following the change please email... For some reason, it really feels like you can turn your mind off to all the undesirables in the previous year, and start afresh with everything good! We all knew this day would come, Madiba lived a great life which should be celebrated.

For some time now it has always been the men's job to make the date. Personally I was surprised by the amount of emotion in the South Africans, myself included.

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Below you can find a dynamic compilation of stories, dating tips, pictures and video footage specifically for beautiful Rwandan females. Better yet, if you've had prior dating experience in Rwanda, feel free to share your own insights with others.

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