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The abuse continued for another five years and included violent rape and other crimes.

As is the case with so many child sexual abuse cases, the man manipulated and terrified Sam with threats of what would happen if he told anybody.

For men, acknowledging that they are experiencing some loss in sexual function or reduced libido is often the biggest hurdle.

His grades slipped and he became withdrawn and depressed.

ISIS has worked with online providers to provide online prevention initiatives. have documented high rates of unprotected sex among men recruited from online venues and there are several European studies that have looked at comparing, guys who say that they actually are using chat rooms to those that are not using chat rooms and there is a lot of information, a lot of data, showing that the chat room users are actually reporting higher rates of unprotected sex than the non-chat room users.

hen Sam was twelve years old, he was targeted by a child molester.

We provide training to professionals and organisations working with adult male survivors.

A healthy sex life can be difficult to achieve even in normal circumstances, with the pressures of work, family and other stresses that come with day-to-day living.

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My name is Mark Vogel and I am the project manager at HIV In Site, and I will be the moderator of today's discussion.

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