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Sometimes I feel like my cancer is “the gift that keeps on giving.” I’ve been in remission for eight years, but the disease remains a black cloud over my health.Hair loss from chemotherapy is a common occurrence. As women, we may often feel our femininity is compromised and our outward beauty stolen from us as a result of our treatment.

It’s the kind of country where you wouldn’t think it hard to get outside your comfort zone.

But in reality, travelling in Japan is a whole lot less challenging than you might expect, especially in the megatropolis of Tokyo.

The Metro is logically laid out and clearly signposted, pretty much everywhere has English signs and menus, and nearly everyone understands enough English to make up for the fact that, like a typical Western ignoramous, you’ve rocked up to the country without learning a few basic phrases.

I tried to make the best of it until this week, when clumps of my hair began falling out — breaking for no apparent reason.

Phoenix Theatre of Indianapolis announces Sex with Strangers, opening tonight, February 16, 2017 on the Frank and Katrina Basile Stage.

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