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At Belmont, Ficklen was responsible for most of the house’s subsequent structural evolution.

Located on Central California’s popular Blossom Trail, Belmont Nursery has established a long tradition of quality dating back to the early 1940’s.

During the last seven years, the Reelhorns have added property, reorganized and revamped their growing grounds into a visually appealing arrangement, both for the garden center buyer,the landscape contractors, architect and designers.

Like many successful companies, Belmont has implemented specific strategies to set them apart from others.

Because the original deed of ownership is lost, the year in which the Georgian-style frame house was built and the identity of its first owner is not precisely known.

But based on the existing physical evidence, the possibilities can be narrowed down.

When Susannah Knox died in 1823, a public notice announcing the sale of the property is the first known reference to the name “Belmont.” The buyer was Joseph B. By 1860 Ficklen was a wealthy miller and banker, owner of sizable real estate, and holder of 27 slaves, most of whom were employed at his mills.

Did you know that within its 4.6 square miles Belmont has 80 gas leaks, with the oldest dating back to 1996?

Of these, only 7 are scheduled to be fixed within the next 12 months.

The original plan of the house consisted of a first and second floor side passage and four rooms to the north (the present dining room, library and two bedrooms) dating to the 1790s.

Since surviving documents tell us that the Horner and Voss families owned the property between 17, one of those two families must have been responsible for the earliest section of the current structure.

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